We encourage, support and empower our children. We give advice and raise awareness. We speak up for our children and represent their feelings, needs and views. We are the voice for our children.



 T.W.A.N goes above and beyond to ensure that each child is successful. As educators we inspire, inform and teach our children the tools that will help them expand upon their knowledge and develop into responsible human-beings who will reach a level of self-actualization. 



 As Mentors we teach our children to become self-aware, reinforcing autonomy and teaching them to take responsibility for his/her actions. We create a partnership amongst two people (mentor and mentee) to form mutual levels of respect and trust. We provide our mentees with support and the opportunity to critically think and to problem solve training our children to manage their own learning.​ 


 T.W.A.N’s Mediation program prides itself on helping children, families, and communities settle their disputes peacefully focusing on school, community and family issues. We engage our clients in programs such as Youth Talk. Youth Talk provides intrinsic skills i.e., conflict resolution, decision making, writing and journaling. Through group sessions, role-playing, videos, games and lectures we encourage our youth to construct lifelong interpersonal skills in communication that will enable self-awareness and strengthen confidence. 


 "The sages do not consider that making no mistakes is a blessing. They believe, rather, that the GREAT VIRTUE OF MAN LIES IN HIS ABILITY to CORRECT HIS MISTAKES AND CONTINUALLY MAKE A NEW MAN OF HIMSELF".          --    Wang Yang-Ming (1472-1529) Chinese Philosopher